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Major Legal Victory for Animals re Kansas' Ag-Gag Law

FROM ALDF Animal Legal Defense Fund
April 2022

"We have a right to know how animals are treated on factory farms and in slaughterhouses."

farmed Pigs

On Monday, April 25, the Supreme Court announced that it would not take up the challenge to our victory over Kansasí Ag-Gag law, leaving the lower courtís ruling in place!

With this announcement, the Supreme Court declined to review what you and I already know to be true:

  1. We have a right to know how animals are treated on factory farms and in slaughterhouses.
    How animals are treated impacts the safety of the food produced.
  2. Even more important is the legal precedent this decision leaves intact. Because the next time a state tries to pass an Ag-Gag law, we will be able to point to our victory in Kansas.

But make no mistake, the job isnít done. Farmed animals still have virtually no legal protections in this country, and some of the cruelest practices that animals suffer on factory farms are still routine and entirely legal.

If we know anything about the massive industrial animal agricultural industry, itís that they will not let up in their attempts to continue to abuse animals without accountability.

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