Biodiversity Hotspot Saved From Off-Road Ruin
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FROM Center for Biological Diversity
September 2021

This is a major victory for Northern California’s disappearing wild animals and wild spaces.

Fox Kits
San-Joaquin kit fox - USFWS

Thanks to years of work by the Center and allies, one of California’s most important wildlife corridors will not become an epicenter of off-road-vehicle destruction.

After a lawsuit we filed with a coalition of community and conservation groups, this month the state passed a bill that will stop an off-road vehicle site from expanding into the beautiful, biodiverse Tesla Park — where it would have torn up habitat for imperiled species like California red-legged frogs and San Joaquin kit foxes.

“This bill stops a barren playground for polluting vehicles from taking over 3,100 acres of oak woodlands and grasslands teeming with wildlife,” said attorney Aruna Prabhala, director of the Center’s Urban Wildlands program.

“It’s a major victory for Northern California’s disappearing wild spaces.”  

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