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Animal Sanctuary Founder Jailed After Taking in Wandering Cows

From Hemi Kim, SentientMedia.org
August 2022

Two New York state cows have set off a nationwide conversation about the status of farmed animals and the legal rights of those working to prevent their slaughter.

[And also read Press Statement from Renee King-Sonnen, August 7, 2022, re Asha's Sanctuary and Two Cows]

wandering Cows
Ishmael and Little Willow

On August 2, New York state police arrested and charged Asha’s Farm Sanctuary operator Tracy Murphy with third degree grand larceny for her refusal to return two cows to a local beef farm, according to news reports. Murphy argued the farmer had not presented sufficient proof of ownership of the cows to persuade her to release them.

If convicted of the class D felony, the sanctuary owner will have a criminal record for her efforts to protect the lives of farmed animals. McKee Farms raises cows to be slaughtered for beef.

The two cows — known as Blackie and Hornee at McKee Farm and Ishmael and Little Willow at the animal sanctuary — left the livestock operation and arrived at Asha’s Farm Sanctuary on July 16. Murphy, who called law enforcement the day she discovered the cows, was arrested two weeks later.


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