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China Opens 26-Storey Pig Skyscraper, With More Under Construction

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December 2022

The higher the density of animals, the higher the risk of infectious pathogen spread and amplification, as well as potential for mutation.

largest Pig factory
Source: The Guardian

China is set to open a 26-storey pig factory farm to meet the country’s accelerating demand for pork, despite animal welfare and disease outbreak concerns.

Based on the southern outskirts of Ezhou, a city in central China’s Hubei province, the ‘pig skyscraper’ will be the largest single-building pig factory farm in the world, with the capacity to slaughter 1.2 million pigs every year.

The pig farm will provide a combined area of 800,000 sq meters of space, with the capacity for 650,000 animals at any one time, according to statements on the company's WeChat account analyzed by The Guardian. Animals in the 4bn yuan ($557m) farm are fed through more than 30,000 automatic feeding spots.

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largest Pig factory

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