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Our Irish Campaign and the Contribution of Animal Agriculture to GHG Emissions

From Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary
January 2023

The same agencies that report on the disproportionately high emissions emanating from the animal agriculture sector, fail spectacularly to mention that the single largest contributor could be redressed by transitioning to plant agriculture and plant diets.

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“When people think about how to change their behaviour in an attempt to ameliorate the effect they have on the natural world, most of them consider taking shorter, fewer showers, reducing the temperature on their central heating, travelling less, or if they can afford it, buying an electric car.

But if we have a look at the figures on GHG emissions sources we get a better idea of where we could most usefully change our behaviour. The latest report from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) states that almost one third (31%) of human caused climate emissions originate from the world’s agri-food systems. In Ireland, we can see that the transport and energy sectors are significantly lower emitters than the agriculture sector, most of which is comprised of animal agriculture.

The most recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports state that in 2021, the energy industries, transport and agriculture sectors accounted for 72% of total GHG emissions. Agriculture is the single largest contributor to the overall emissions, at 37.5%. Transport, energy industries and the residential sector are the next largest contributors, at 17.7%, 16.7% and 11.4%, respectively (https://www.epa.ie/our-services/monitoring–assessment/climate-change/ghg/latest-emissions-data/, accessed 24/12/2022). The agriculture sector is responsible for the largest sectoral contribution to the total emissions.

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Although two of our ads in this year’s campaign have dietary and environmental themes, their
context shows the sentience and individuality of Cormac and Jacob. We hope that when people
see the animals of Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary on our Go Vegan World ads, that they will
connect with who they are and stop using them as if they were inanimate human resources. Our
anti-speciesist ads remind people that the choices they make have consequences for others.

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