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Beef from Dairy

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April 2024

Milk lies at the heart of every dairy farm and is the cornerstone of a massive global industry. But few pause to consider how this product flows from the udders of a single cow to cheese makers, food producers, and consumers the world over.

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Milk production begins with the cow's pregnancy. The process of milk production traditionally relied on natural mating, birthing, and lactation cycles between bulls and cows.

However, with the increasing demand for dairy products, the industry has shifted towards artificial insemination to ensure a consistent supply of pregnant, lactating cows. Consequently, this method has led to an overabundance of calves born on farms, surpassing the capacity for all to be accommodated.

The destiny of surplus calves, unnecessary for milk production, differs based on their sex. Male calves often face the unfortunate fate of being considered waste or by-products of the industry, with many ending up in veal production to extract more profit from the dairy industry.

This practice emerged as a means of adding value to dairy calves and co-products, but it also highlights the harsh reality of how the industry views and utilizes these animals.

Similarly, less profitable cows pose a quandary for farmers. Declining milk output or health issues may make them economically unsustainable, leading to culling decisions.


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