Betting the ranch
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FROM Lee Van Der Voo/High Country News,
December 2021

NOTE from Exposing massive fraud at EVERY level of an industry slaughtering millions upon millions of cows every year with, of course, big ag always winning.

beef industry fraud
Image by Cristiana Couceiro

Tyson Fresh Meats — one of the nation’s largest meat distributors — was investigating Easterday Ranches and slowly discovering that Gale’s son, Cody, had sold them hundreds of thousands of cattle that never existed.

The deceit that soon unspooled may seem like a one-off fraud. But while it is indeed an anomaly — an expansive hoodwinking far from normal by ranching standards — it exposed a problem widespread in the beef business, which is that the price of a steak has increasingly little to do with the cost of fattening a steer. That circumstance requires ranchers to shoulder tremendous financial risks. And while it has made corporations the beneficiaries of declining rural wealth, it has also wrought awful wreckage for ranching communities and rural families.


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