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How [Highly Profitable] Biogas is Created From Farmed Animal Suffering

From IDA In Defense of Animals
November 2022

To create an ideal environment for this digestion to take place to make biogas, a few key ingredients are needed: thousands of animals packed in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), billions of pounds of their waste accumulating, massive manure lagoons, and tarps or domes to trap the gas emitted from the excrement lagoons.

The emissions from the lagoons, consisting mainly of methane and carbon dioxide, can be captured, creating what is sometimes called “biomethane” or “compost gas” which can be used to generate electricity. Factory farm producers can be granted tax credits based on the biogas generated and collect revenue.

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Biogas production is a popular scheme among mega-farms that capitalizes on the waste produced by farmed animals touted as renewable energy, but it’s perpetuating animal suffering and posing serious environmental hazards.

Animal agriculture is a leading cause of the climate crisis, generating about 20% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions leading to enormous amounts of animal cruelty and environmental degradation. Researchers continue to back this climate science with a recent study by Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley, exploring the effects of a global phase-out of animal agriculture on the environment, yielding results showing the damning reality of animal-ag. If, over a 15-year span, animal agriculture was eliminated worldwide, carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced by 68% through the year 2100, according to a Stanford News blog.


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