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Millions of Tax Dollars Used by USDA for Bird Flu Bailouts
From UPC United Poultry Concerns, Free From Harm, Slaughter Free Network
January 2024

free from harm

Which corporations got the most tax dollars for the bird flu outbreaks they created? 

farmed Chickens
"Farmed free-range Chickens"... photo by David Harp on UPC

bird flu bailouts
Response to Crystal Heath's FOIA request

Millions of our tax dollars are being used by the USDA to cover the cost of bird flu outbreaks caused by the reckless greed of egg and chicken producers. Many of them are owned by the ultra-rich.

Our hard-earned dollars go to sanitize factory farms, kill millions of birds, dump the dead in mass graves, and even cover the cost of purchasing new chicks from the hatcheries!

The chart above reflects USDA data obtained from Crystal Heath's FOIA requests and represents the top 20 bird flu bailouts and the amounts they received between Jan 1, 2020, and May 5th, 2023.

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