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The Number of Chickens in the World Means They Outnumber Humans 3.5 to 1

From Björn Ólafsson, SentientMedia.org
March 2024

Why eating chicken is not more ethical than eating beef.

warehoused Chickens

Most people don’t know that over a million chickens are killed every hour in the United States. Due to the growing popularity of their meat, chickens have been selectively bred for decades to grow faster and fatter than ever before, leading to significant animal welfare problems.

And, because they are still small animals compared to cows and pigs, they are killed in numbers far beyond any other farmed land animal. Most of the billions of chickens alive in the world at any given time will only live a few weeks before being slaughtered.

The massive number of chickens being killed — 20 million chickens per day globally — can make it difficult to think of chickens as individuals. Yet, despite stereotypes, chickens are highly communicative and enjoy playing with each other to pass the time. Unfortunately, they rarely get those opportunities in factory farming.

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