Dairy Industry Horrors: Itís Neither Wholesome Nor Humane
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December 2021

If youíve ever given up dairy, you might have noticed that you feel better. You have more energy, fewer sinus issues, and better digestive performance. This is because we, as human beings, arenít designed to digest milk meant for baby cows. It goes against our biology and can wreak havoc on our intestines and stomach.

dairy Cow
Image by Jo-Anne McArthur / WeAnimals

The dairy industry is often presented to consumers as wholesome and humane. What actually goes on at dairy farms doesnít match up with the marketing message, though.

Dairy cows lead miserable lives from the moment they are born. Both male and female calves are taken from their mothers when theyíre just a few hours old. The females are destined to follow in their mothersí footsteps, while the males face early slaughter for the veal industry.

Furthermore, the dairy industry has a consistently harmful impact on our environment and health.

You might have seen the memes popping up on social about lactose intolerance.


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