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The Dumbest Thing I Believed In To Date: Humane Meat

From Unparalleled Suffering
December 2022

Basically the humane claims at Whole Foods were nothing more than a gigantic scam; nothing more than effective, yet baseless, marketing. Iím usually not a gullible person, but props to Whole Foods for getting me good.

I saw what "humane meat" was firsthand with my own eyes and realized I made a gigantic error, morally and intellectually.

mother and calf auction
A mother cow and her baby at one of the first dairy farms I ever visited, a small dairy farm in Texas that allows the mothers to stay with their babies for around two weeks, which is two weeks longer than the standard for all size dairy farms.

Like most humans, one of my favorite things to eat growing up was cheeseburgers made from cow carcasses. Peering at the absurdly long lines at fast food drive thrus wherever I go, I can see Iím not the only human in the world who loves burgers. I probably ate hundreds and hundreds of these dead body patties before I finally stopped for good one night after I ate my last animal burger on my break at my grocery store job . Burgers are still one of my favorite things to eat, but itís been nearly one-third of my life since I ate a burger that contained ingredients from slaughterhouses. The last animal burger I ever ate came from Whole Foods Market. In other words, the last burger I ever ate came from a place that supplied ďfood" made from animals who were treated far better and more responsibly than the norm, or so I had thought.

I donít miss anything at all about the animal-based burgers I used to eat; I donít miss eating patties that contained the mixed remains of up to one thousand different cows, I donít miss the constipation, I donít miss the blindness to what I was participating in, and I donít miss supporting something that runs so extremely counter to my personal values and morals. I can say without a doubt that the top best tasting burgers Iíve had in my life havenít even been any burgers that contained animal flesh, but some of the burgers that were made strictly from plants. To this day, my favorite burger joint is a plant-based restaurant called Meta Burger in Denver, Colorado, please try it if youíre ever in the area and are one of those humans who can actually go a meal without consuming death (I know, such a sacrifice).

Had I been educated as a child on what my food options were or had I been raised by parents who gave a damn about life forms that the norm is to discriminate against and utterly disregard, maybe I would have never even known the taste of these wildly popular death patties, which would have been just fine. All I was taught about cows as a child was that they make a ďmooĒ sound and that they ďgiveĒ us milk and beef.

Nobody taught me the glorious fact that humans exterminated all free-living natural cows and only allowed the cows who we genetically altered to produce superfluous flesh and milk (and who we could easily control) to keep living (well to be able to live for us, not for themselves and their family). Cows make far more sounds than just the basic ďmoo.Ē Nobody had taught me about the haunting bellowing sounds mother cows make after their babies are abducted from them on dairy farms or at livestock auctions, all so that their calf nourishment can be unnaturally redirected for ourselves to consume instead.


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Another pig at the DIY class killed directly in front of other pigs. This is what humans consider humane? At least the animal sadist was kind enough to pet the pig while she was dying.

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