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Earth's Biggest Threat

From ALV Animal Liberation Victoria
June 2024

Even if we consider animals as commodities without hearts, minds, bodies, social and emotional worlds, families and kinship networks. Even if we consider them in the most callous and unsympathetic way possible, it is not in our self-interest to harm and kill animals. The harm and death we inflict on non-human animals is being turned back on us.

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Are you wondering why you haven’t heard about the catastrophic effect animal industry is having on the environment? Have you ever wondered why ‘environmentalists’ talk about mining, fracking and fossil fuels while eating pepperoni pizza? Have you ever wondered why ‘environmentalists’ have four-minute showers and turn off lights while eating organic free range meat? To many of us, it is a mystery. Yet, on the face of it, diet should be one of the easiest and quickest changes to make. What we eat is our choosing. Our lifestyle is in our hands. No one can tell us what we should or shouldn’t eat. Or can they?

Academics and scientists at Chatham House were curious about this glaring social vacuum and conducted some research to find answers.

The findings determined a number of reasons for the disconnect between the values people hold, and their unaware behaviours. Most Australians are against animal cruelty and care about the environment. Yet most Australians support an industry of cruelty that is clearly detrimental to the environment. The reasons: private sector resistance by animal enterprises, cultural hurdles, public resistance to personal change, real lack of belief that each individual can make a big difference, and – very interestingly – a gap between awareness and action in the general population.

Considering most Australians care about animals and care about the environment, it is worthwhile looking at the widespread damage to the environment being done by animal agriculture… something a lot of us are unaware of.


Please read the ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE, including:

  • Global Warming
  • Compared to the animal industry, fruit, vegetables and grains are small potatoes.
  • Water Usage
  • If you want to save water, eat a plant-based diet.
  • If you are truly an environmentalist, you have to take meat, eggs and dairy off your plate.
  • Oceanic Dead Zones
  • Land Clearing
  • We can stop this crisis by eating a plant-based diet.
  • Species Extinction
  • Suffering and Death
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Posted on All-Creatures.org: June 26, 2024
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