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To eat or not to eat horse meat

From The Fund for Horses
July 2022

Horse slaughter is not about controlling the “unwanted horse” population; a way of getting rid of sick, diseased or mentally disturbed horses; preventing horse abuse, abandonment, theft or similar crimes. Make no mistake. Horse slaughter exists solely to provide horse meat for its customers.

horsemeat butchers

Horse slaughter is a brutal and terrifying death and exists to supply the human demand for horse meat and make a profit from it, and for no other reason. Should people be eating their meat?

Who eats it

In an article defending and promoting the human consumption of horse meat, AG Daily recently wrote: “The top 10 horse meat-producers order are China, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Mongolia, Russia, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and Kyrgyzstan.”

“Surprisingly, although horse meat is consumed in most of Europe and Asia, there are a few countries that stray away from eating horse. For example, the United Kingdom abhors horse meat, sharing sentiments similar to many Americans, while Germans and South Koreans are also known to turn their noses up at horse dishes.”

Those who turn their noses up at horse meat are smart to. Here is why.


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