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Ethical Meat Can't Solve the Problem of Animal Cruelty

From Wayne Hsiung, TheSimpleHeart.Substack.com
December 2022

From grass-fed beef to lab-grown meat, "ethical" meat is pitched as a solution to our food system's problems. Here's why it can't work.

grass fed Cow

I disagree with my friend and journalist Leighton Woodhouse on many things: policing, homelessness, and appropriate responses to climate change. But one of the most surprising disagreements that was revealed, in a conversation we had this weekend, was on the question of “ethical” meat.

Leighton is a dedicated animal rights supporter. He’s covered some of the most important issues relating to the movement in the past decade, from so-called ag-gag laws, which make it a crime to take photographs in factory farms, to the rising use of civil disobedience to bring attention to animal abuse. To this day, one of my favorite all-time videos on animal rights is a profile Leighton did of Priya Sawhney, a dear friend who has co-founded multiple organizations with me, and who personifies the rising boldness of the movement.

Lab-grown meat won’t solve the many other ways that animals are exploited: for their fur, as experiments, or as nuisances to be exterminated in the wild. I have said before that, while my current focus is factory farming, I have bigger fish to save. The suffering of a single species of deep sea animal, the bristlemouth fish, probably outweighs all the animals killed in factory farms in a single year.


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