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Factory Farmingís Impact on the Ocean

From NewRootsInstitute.org
April 2024

Industrial animal agriculture is threatening the health of the ocean, which much of Earth's human and animal life depends on.

netted fishes
Millions and millions of dead/dying Fishes...

The Ocean

When you visit the ocean, the idea that you are swimming through or looking out at a single mass of water that covers 71 percent of the Earthóby far most of our planetís surfaceómay not be your first thought, if itís a thought at all.

We tend to underestimate the oceanís importance and how human activities have decimated biodiversity and critical ocean functions because for many of us these issues are out of sight, out of mind.

However, the health of the ocean is exceedingly important, with more than 3 billion people relying on it and its provisions to make a living, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of known marine species and the 91 percent of species yet to be classified.


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  • What is Factory Farming?
  • Eutrophication (and Dead Zones)
  • Aquaculture Fish Farms
  • Ocean Acidification

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