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The Fallacy of 'Climate Friendly' Beef

From Jessica Scott-Reid, Truthdig.com
December 2023

Decreased consumption rarely appears in the discourse around regenerative agriculture... Negative impacts of regenerative beef outweigh the benefits.... If you want to improve soil, draw down carbon and bring back biodiversity. The solution is to re-wild.

captive Cows

When it comes to taking the blame for climate change, the energy sector absorbs most of the heat. But more and more, the public is learning about animal agriculture’s substantial role. The raising of animals for slaughter produces 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, approaching half of the energy sector’s 34%.

One species in particular looms large in this picture: Around 10%of all global greenhouse gas emissions are produced by the cattle industry.

As awareness grows around the eco-impact of raising cows for meat, the beef industry has been working hard to maintain public confidence. At the center of its efforts is a push to sell consumers on the idea of “climate friendly” or “low-carbon” beef. Tyson’s new Brazen Beef is advertised as a “climate smart” innovation; while the banner of “regenerative beef” — claimed to actually benefit the land — has been taken up by McDonald’s and Walmart.

But what do these buzzwords actually mean? Can beef ever be “climate friendly”? 


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