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Here’s What Happens Behind Closed Doors at an Intensive Goat Dairy

From Hannah McKay, SentientMedia.org
October 2022

Rather than being an isolated case of abuse, campaigners believe that Pasture House Farm is actually typical, representative of commercial goat farming in the U.K. This investigation demonstrates that the ethical issues associated with dairy farming aren’t limited to cows. "We urge people to make their choices count by opting for plant-based foods as the only ethical alternative to dairy.”

More images from Animal Justice Project’s undercover investigation can be viewed here: Respect All Life: Delamere Dairy undercover investigation | Flickr

Goat milk farm

A new undercover investigation by nonprofit campaign group Animal Justice Project (AJP) has revealed the “violent killing” of baby goats at Pasture House Farm in North Yorkshire, England. Secret footage captured inside the intensive dairy — which holds more than 2,000 goats and churns out over a million liters of milk each year — also appears to show goats being slapped, shoved, grabbed and shouted at.

The farm’s owner, Phil Ormerod, who is also the director of the Milking Goat Association, did not respond to our request for comment. However, the BBC reports that he “strongly denied” claims that his animals were mistreated.



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