Dr. Jane Goodall, Scientists and Interfaith Leaders Call on Charities To Stop Animal Gifting Programs
A Meat and Dairy Article from All-Creatures.org

FROM Lisa Levinson, IDA In Defense of Animals
December 2021

We are so pleased Dr. Jane Goodall is supporting the Stop Animal Gifting campaign by urging shoppers to boycott animal gifting this Christmas in favour of plant-based projects.

Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane Goodall along with fellow scientists, religious leaders, and celebrities are urging world aid charities to end animal gifting. Animal gifting programs hurt gift recipients by burdening them with more mouths to feed in areas where food and water are often scarce. They also worsen the climate crisis, decrease food stability, undermine sustainable development, contribute to animal suffering, and cause health impacts by promoting unhealthy western diets.

The Animal Save Movement and In Defense of Animalsí Interfaith Vegan Coalition are urging charities to switch to plant-based aid programs which provide more food, and more stability by growing crops to eat directly instead of feeding them to animals.

Plant-based projects can help alleviate poverty, reduce world hunger, and create sustainable practices for a healthy planet. Thousands of In Defense of Animals supporters and concerned citizens have already joined the campaign this holiday season.


Please read the ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE (PDF).

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