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How the Mainstream Media Censors the Cow in the Room

From ClimateHealers.org
January 2023

At Climate Healers, we use established systems engineering principles to tackle the world’s environmental problems. We realized that no one is talking about the Cow in the Room, because it requires a systems change. However, transforming to a plant-based economy is a systems change that returns us to our true essence.I’ve asked numerous audiences whether they would deliberately hurt an innocent animal unnecessarily and no one has said “yes,” so far.

climate healers

“All warfare is based on deception."
~ Sun Tzu

In our system of normalized violence, deceptions are par for the course. But it is hard to fathom the comical extent to which mainstream media editors go to avoid addressing the Cow in the Room. In the documentary, Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, Kip Andersen remarks about being in “some strange Cowspiracy Twilight Zone where no one could talk about cows.”

I had the same experience last week. Thanks to a nomination by Virginia Bell, I was designated a “Climate Hero” by the Guardian Newspaper in its Down to Earth Newsletter. The editor had this to say about me:

“The epiphany came while he was sat on the sofa. In 2005, watching TV alongside his wife, Sailesh Rao caught Al Gore addressing climate activists in San Francisco. He found himself “rooted to my seat and filled with horror”.

“If half of what he is saying is true,” thought the electrical engineer from Karnataka, India, “I’m wasting my time working on making the internet ten times faster.”

Pushed by his wife, Jaine, within months, Rao had researched the impacts of energy consumption on our planet, and found there was precious little activism in this area. He wrote books, produced documentaries, and in 2007 started Climate Healers, a non-profit dedicated to charting a path to a more sustainable economy and way of living through what Rao calls “the greatest transformation in human history”. He is now recognised as a foremost voice on green transition and on the true scale of societal change required to save the planet.

His latest book, The Pinky Promise, focuses on fighting for a better world for his granddaughter, Kimaya (both pictured above). Rao stresses the importance of thinking of future generations, and “honouring the millennia of sacrifices that our ancestors endured” to give us what we have today.”

Notice that the Cow in the Room is completely missing in this passage. In contrast, here is the actual Q&A exchange that I had with the editor and you can see that it had copious references to the Cow in the Room.


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