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The Meat Industry Has Created a False Dichotomy That Pits People Against Animals

From Vicky Bond, Earth/Food/Life a project of the Independent Media Institute
December 2022

The report takes pig farms in Iowa as a case study of how our corporate-controlled food systems are failing environments, animals, and communities. In 1980, the top four pig farm firms slaughtered one out of every three U.S. pigs. That market share has now doubled.

Earth Food Life

It’s a common narrative that factory farming—despite animal cruelty, environmental destruction, and human health impacts—has net positives that make it an important part of society, especially in rural America. It provides affordable meat to our populations, creates jobs in small towns, stimulates local economies, and helps families prosper.

This narrative has made it easy for the meat industry to create a false dichotomy that pits people against animals: “Do you care more about a pig than my family’s livelihood?”

It’s now been decades with factory farming as the dominant industry, but have rural communities actually experienced their purported economic benefits? Has factory farming made life easier for the people in small towns?


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