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Exposing the Scandal of Frankenchickens

From Connor Jackson, on SARX: For All God's Creatures
November 2022

Frankenchickens are genetically engineered birds which grow at 400% faster than normal in order to maximize profit. Sick, overgrown and bred in appalling conditions, they are slaughtered at the age of around 35 days old at a typical weight of almost 5 pounds.

Chicken sits on stomach
Unable to stand or walk, a chicken with splayed out legs 'sits' on her stomach inside a broiler chicken farm in Italy. https://opencages.org

Connor Jackson, CEO and Co-founder of animal advocacy charity Open Cages, reveals the terrible reality behind Frankenchickens. He explains how these genetically engineered chickens suffer on factory farms, how undercover investigations are exposing the cruelties of industrial animal agriculture and how people can take action against the sale of Frankenchickens.

Tell us about yourself and your work for Open Cages.

My name is Connor and I am the CEO and Co-founder of an animal advocacy charity called Open Cages which was founded 4 years ago. Iím also a writer for The Independent on animal welfare issues and documentary filmmaker.

Itís my belief that factory farming, industrial animal agriculture, is one of the most immoral and cruel systems ever invented by humanity. The scale and severity of the suffering inflicted upon these intelligent animals is unparalleled and itís the mission of Open Cages to oppose it.

I am the first employee at Open Cages and work with a handful of dedicated volunteers across the country on campaigns aimed at changing animal welfare policies at the corporate and political level. We believe that systemic change is needed to make progress for animals as fast, and on as large a scale, as possible.

Open Cages is known for our undercover investigations, where we film the conditions on British factory farms and publicise the footage within the mainstream media. We believe itís essential to inform the public about where their food comes from and put pressure on decision makers at supermarkets and within the Government.


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