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SCRAP Factory Farming

From CCA Catholic Concern for Animals
November 2022

SCRAP Factory Farming is the story of a “David and Goliath” legal challenge that could shape the future for people, animals, and planet. It is being led by David Finney, Jane Tredgett and Peta Watson-Smith, volunteers at Humane Being, a not-for-profit enterprise whose vision is to encourage people to live in a way that is kind to animals and protects the planet.

SCRAP Factory Farming

We are all vegan animal rights/environmental campaigners and have come together with a few other dedicated grassroots volunteers to challenge the Government over their failure to address the issues associated with Factory Farming. We have created the SCRAP Factory Farming campaign:

Suffering – sentient and social animals cruelly confined in tiny spaces

Climate chaos – greenhouse gas emissions coming from farmed animals

Ravaging the planet – forest fires in Brazil linked to feed for UK farmed animals

Antibiotic resistance – superbugs thriving on intensive farms

Pandemics and disease – 3/4 of diseases coming from animals

Legal Challenge

We are launching our legal challenge aimed at getting these hell holes for animals scrapped for good. Of course such a ban would not be the end of the journey, but an amazing and hugely significant step nevertheless.

Background to SCRAP

Steve Jobs talked about joining the dots backwards to see how people and events connect across time. An intriguing line of dots linked people to result in the launch of a legal challenge against the British government.

David was on the Green Party Animal Rights Policy Working Group that had produced several policies including the phasing out of factory farming, explicit food labelling and enshrining animal sentience into British law. David met animal rights / environmental campaigner Peta Smith at a conference and she recommended a book called Chickens’ Lib by Clare Druce (2013, ISBN 9 780957549722).

David was knocked out by Clare’s incredible persistence over the years to raise awareness of what she believed to be the illegality of factory farming. In a call to Clare, David joked about taking legal action. The seed was sown.


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