Why We Need To Stop Animal Gifting
A Meat and Dairy Article from All-Creatures.org

FROM Miriam Porter, SaveMovement.org
December 2021

An example is in Ethiopia where over 60% of their population is considered hungry or starving, and yet they have 50 million cattle in that country (one of the largest herds in the world consuming food, land, and water.

gifted Goat

Sometimes good intentions don’t have the best outcomes even when done in good faith. Animal gifting is one of those things. Especially during the holiday season, it’s popular to send gift cards towards the purchase of live farmed animals as “presents” to people in low-income and developing countries to help stop hunger. Unfortunately, the true cost of this gift is often not realized by donors. But large companies selling them should know that gifting animals adds to the devastating domino effect that exacerbates the climate and ocean crisis and is cruel to the animals.

Some of the aid charities often use misleading advertising. They ask consumers to buy cows to provide families with ‘nutritious’ dairy products; state that gifting a tribe of goats is a purchase of sustainability; and that four-legged creatures can serve as a financial backbone for families. The true cost of animal gifting is not mentioned on their websites. Not only is dairy unhealthy and can lead to illness, but many people in the countries receiving animals for dairy consumption are lactose intolerant. Gifting animals is not sustainable and can actually increase poverty, not diminish it. But a shift away from animal gifting to plant-based alternatives can help save human lives, our beautiful earth, and animals.

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