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Americans Projected To Eat A Record-Breaking 1.45 Billion Chicken Wings During The Super Bowl

From Unparalleled Suffering
February 2023

Humans care far more about entertainment happening in sports stadiums than violence occurring in slaughterhouses. They seem quite passionate about the former and completely apathetic about the latter. 

superbowl chicken wings

According to the 2023 Chicken Wing Report by the National Chicken Council, American citizens are projected to consume 1.45 billion chicken wings tonight for the most-watched sports event of the year. The NCC states that this would be 84 million more wings compared to last year’s dead bird consumption during the Super Bowl. Our minds are too limited to be able to comprehend large numbers, but the NCC helps us put this scale of consumption in perspective.

They state:

1.45 billion wings laid end to end would stretch from GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo. to Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pa. about 62 times.

How do people read something like this and not find it disturbing?

The National Chicken Council educates their readers about the number of wings that humans in a nation that only makes up 4% of the global population will consume tonight, but they don’t talk about how many individual chickens those wings represent or anything else about the chickens, such as their age when they are killed, the conditions they were forced to live in, and what types of tortures they must endure on their way to the killing factory and inside the killing factory.

If 1.45 billion chicken wings do get consumed tonight that will mean that Americans ate around 725 million individual chickens. Just in a single evening and in just one country that represents “liberty and justice for all.” What a joke.


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