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FROM Jamie Davis Jackson
Facebook posting, October 4, 2021

Think about your food choices and ask yourself if causing pain and misery and slaughter for nothing more than momentary, trivial taste who you really are?

Pigs gestation

That “meat” you ate was a conscious, emotional individual who was brought into this world to suffer and die for your taste pleasure. She was a mother who cared about her babies. She had a central nervous system and pain receptors and a brain, which means that she experienced pain and fear and misery. She didn’t want to suffer. She wanted to live in peace.

Are the fleeting taste sensations of flesh, organs, and bodily secretions really that important to you, when there are many nutritious and delicious alternatives that don’t come from the suffering and slaughter of sentient beings? Or is it your opinion that consuming meat, dairy, and eggs is totally fine, healthy, humane, normal, natural, necessary, and ethical? Do you have a well-informed opinion? Or is your opinion just based on personal preferences, habit, tradition, convenience, and very little factual information?

If you are unaware of what these animals experience to create and become your “food,” well...guess who doesn’t want you to know what happens to these animals! The animal agriculture industry, as well as the media, the government and politicians, the education system, and even the healthcare industry, because they all accept funding from the meat, dairy, and egg sectors of the animal agriculture industry. It’s all about money. And abusing, exploiting, and slaughtering animals is profitable because you and billions of others are paying for it.

This mother is forced to nurse her babies inside a metal crate. The word “destroy” has been painted on her because soon she will be slaughtered. Pigs and other animals endure immense pain and suffering from very well-documented standard practices that neither the animal agriculture industry nor the government even bother to deny: castration, teeth clipping, de-beaking, de-horning, tail docking, tail clipping, burning marks in skin, hole punching in ears for tags, udder-singeing, spiked nose-ringing, and other mutilations—all carried out without any painkillers.

These animals endure extreme confinement and overcrowding, filthy and toxic conditions, debilitating infections and diseases, and food and water deprivation. All of these animals endure more pain and torment than you could even imagine...for their entire lives. All of this brutality is standard procedure, hidden away by the animal agriculture industry so that you won’t think about it while you are enjoying the flesh, organs, and bodily secretions of these tortured beings. IF YOU ARE UNAWARE OF THE STANDARD, LEGAL PRACTICES IN THE MEAT, DAIRY, AND EGG INDUSTRIES (ON SMALL FARMS TOO!), THEN YOU DO NOT HAVE AN INFORMED OPINION.

Please think about your food choices and ask yourself if causing pain and misery and slaughter for nothing more than momentary, trivial taste who you really are? Yes, of course what you eat is your choice, and you are entitled to your opinion, but why would you choose suffering and violence when you can choose peace and compassion? Your opinion doesn’t make you an ethical person. Your actions do.

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