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Pro-Life and Pro-Animal

I must confess: I prefer pro-choice vegans to religion-motivated right-to-lifers, because vegans don't glibly say "I believe" while hiding behind Scriptures they aren't even following. It's easier to convince a pro-choice vegan to oppose abortion than to convince a religious right-to-lifer to go vegan, because vegans don't hide behind their religion -- if they even have one!

Let me bring up some points of my own.

Please read the ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE for extensive coverage of these points:

  1. My own experience as a Hindu vegetarian and as an animal advocate is that *Christians* are incredibly anti-semitic
  2. The pro-choice premise that it's acceptable to kill the unborn because they are not human is based on the flawed premise that it's acceptable to kill animals
  3. The Slippery Slope
  4. An Analogy
  5. Abortion and war are the karma for killing animals
  6. Cause-and-effect
  7. Christians really shouldn't hide behind the Bible!
  8. Along the lines of Reverend Linzey's words above, I would argue pro-life Christians are in a special position to understand animal rights: the animals' right to life


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