Jhc Tabucur Lyrette7 Billion Oh so Blind: Poetry By Jhc Tabucur Lyrette - A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from All-Creatures.org

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How can People
So blatantly eat Meat
Can't they Understand
The pain and Suffering
Of what is on their Plate
Or is their mind so Light
They can't fathom the Weight
Of their disgraceful Appetite
They Long for the Taste
Of dead and rotting Flesh
Like a parasite deep Within
The carcass is their Home
Like scavengers they Roam
Exploiting the Weak
The Vulnerable
Who have no Voice
To Speak be Heard
We feel powerful Over
The humble the Meek
Blind to the Sparkle
In their Eye
Ignorant to their Tears
Numb to their Cries
I close my Eyes
Thousand Screams
Fill my Mind
Their pain runs Through
Crawls in my Veins
How can you not See
Truth and all the Pain
What do you Gain
You take their Life
In vain for your Sprite
Will wain in Darkness
Find no Light to be Found
And forbid Yourself
To never walk or Tread
On sacred Ground
As you stumble and Fall
Dam your own Soul
Steal your own Light
Extinguish breath and Life
To rob others of their Light
See the crimes Inside
Expose your Mind
Behold the truth Within
For you Commit
The greatest Sin
All have a Right
To Life to Live
Live as we Do
Embrace a Family
Each child to Know
Receive the Love
Of Mom and Dad
Rob any creature of That
Just think how you would Feel
To never feel the Tenderness
Prisoned without Love
No grace or Kindness
Stolen from your loved Ones
At your dawn of Birth
To feel you have no Worth
How would you Feel
To be bread as Meat
For when you are Born
The clock of fate ticks Away
Soon on a dinner Plate
But as long as it is not You
Why care about Them
Slay and eat the Innocent
Close not the Thoughts
Of the Dead
Blood you Shed
To hell with their Babies
Killed for their Tender
Oh so young Flesh
You are a disgrace to Life
Take innocent life with Knife
Deny their right to Life
To live and Breath
Steal their Light
All you gaze Upon
Evil takes your Mind
Your consciousness is Absent
You are morally Blind
I despise all of your Kind
It hurts no One
To be Kind
Compassion is Born
From enlightened Mind
7 Billion Oh so Blind

~ Tabucur ~

Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 06/01/13

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