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After School Lessons

There was a boy named Max, you see,
Who walked home from school with glee,
For he knew on his way,
He'd meet his friend every day,
A magical toad by the big oak tree.
This toad was not your typical sort,
He shimmered and shone like a glowing quartz,
With a voice so deep,
It'd wake you from sleep,
And lessons to teach of every sort.
"Observe the sky," the toad would say,
"See how the clouds float and sway,
They come and they go,
But one thing we know,
Nature's beauty is here to stay."
"Listen to the wind," the toad would croak,
"It whispers of secrets we can evoke,
It carries the scent,
Of every earth element,
And touches all living folk."
Max learned a lot from his tiny friend,
About nature, its beginning and end,
In school, he'd learn the how,
But with the toad, he learned the wow,
Of life's magic, a lesson to comprehend.
So if you're strolling home one day,
And a toad meets you along the way,
Pause for a moment,
Listen to his component,
And let nature guide you on your way. 

boy and toad

Tim Gorski 2023


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