Against The Odds
By Janet Riddle
Animal Rights Poetry

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Against The Odds
By Janet Riddle [email protected] 
From Animal Rights Online

Sometimes there is help finding life's fresh breath
but too often suffering ends in death
Like walking away when another needs to escape
or ignoring cries to help during a rape

Shouldn't we help whenever we can
or is the struggle over even before it began?
Don't victim's deserve to have their cries heard
and shouldn't we lend our hand and word?

What happens when we just walk away
allowing another to suffer this way?
How can we sleep at night
when all that is needed is to do right?

To help when needed, the decent thing
a good Samaritan with such hope to bring
But where should this decency draw its line
at the abuse of animals being considered fine?

Racetracks, animal labs or puppy mills
escape comes only with a hero's will
Factory farms and slaughterhouse grounds
silenced screams are compassion's sounds

Snapping a trap or closing a fur farm
escape comes and they are free from harm
Circus beatings the rodeo shocks
mercy brought by broken locks

To empathy's door these victims are led
unknown heroes often go unsaid
For standing against the odds beside the weak
the abusers quickly label them a freak

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