A Look From the Other Side
By Michele Rivera
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

A Look From the Other Side
By Michele Rivera

He woke with a start
could not figure out where he was.
Why am I warm, why am I safe,
why is the world suddenly soft?

Oh yes, the lady that talks so sweet
she rubs my ears and cooches my belly.
I like it here
wonder if she'll send me back?

It is quiet but I can hear life about me
it is a calm, safe feeling.
One I have never known
but have dreamt of.

I have only been here a day
wonder if they'll let me stay?
Maybe if I'm good and sweet
they won't put me on the street.

I'm so confused
the lady talks so nice all the time.
I got my own dinner last night
without a fight.

I hear some noise
wonder if she'll send me back?
She is calling my name
how sweet she sounds.

I am here, right here
waiting for my ear rub.
Better wag my tail
let her know I like her a lot.

There she is, she is so soft
wonder if she'll let me stay?
Time to go out she says
better not do it on the floor.

Out side with all the others
they seem happy here too.
I hope she lets me stay.
Wow food again and all my own!

She just rubbed my head
and said 'what a good boy.'
Me a good boy
wow me a good boy!

Oh that smile of hers
hope she lets me stay.
Looks like play time
hey I can play too.

She is laughing
I remember that sound.
They used to do that when
I was little and they liked me.

You know the other people
then they just stopped laughing.
Please don't make me go back.
She is on the phone
thought I heard my name.

She is looking at me
she is smiling.
Better get over there and
get one of those ear rubs.

She is talking about me
Please don't make me go back.
Still talking about me
Wonder what she meant.

She said 'looks like a keeper to me.'
I hope she'll let me stay.
I was never allowed to give kisses
wonder what she would do?

Think I'll try.
Oh my, she's got tears in her eyes!
Oh what have I done?
A big hug, maybe she'll let me stay.

She said I'm home now
talks to me a lot, real nice.
Wow, what a day and
it's only just begun!

Imagine having many days
like this all together.
Oh, Please let me stay!
Thanks to all the rescuers for all you do.

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