Heidi CoonAnimal Lover
Animal Rights Poetry and Prose By Heidi Coon From All-Creatures.org

Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

Animal Lover
By Heidi Coon

Good morning, sweetheart
Rise from your warm bed of fresh hay
Stretch your limbs, sleepily
Look at those big, bright eyes
I pray you dreamt good dreams last night.
Come here, my princess
My soft-furred clover muncher
Youíre such a treat
Youíre so very sweet
Youíve grown so nice & fattened
& ready to eat.
Come now, dearie
Youíll make a delicious chili
&, you will go so well with biscuits & gravy
My little poppet in a pot pie
My dry rubbed, slow cooked beloved
My scrumptious angel
My delectable darling
Iíll sautťed you with pepper
& roast you in the oven
With carrots & potatoes, love, you will stew
In Rubens
With stuffing
Oh! In stir fryís, too!
Come, boo
Itís limitless what I can do with you
This way now, sugar
Here, behind the shed
Hush now, babe, donít you dread
Darling, itís why you were bredÖ
Shhh, havenít you listened to what Iíve been saying?
Youíve lived well until your killing
Hush now, Doll, please donít fight
You know that i did everything right!
I raised you!
I housed you!
I fed you!
I pet you!
I loved you!
I love you seared, my dear
I love you minced, my prince
Mmmm, my tasty little nugget
I love you, bright eyes
Youíll melt in my mouth, caramelized
Oh, & you will be exquisite with fries
Now, now my angel
You nummy little morsel
You gentle brown eyed forkful
Alas, stew?
My beautiful
So versatile
In thyme & onions Iíll savor
Every luscious mouthful
That I can promise you
Youíve grown so big, my lovely
Youíll fill plateful after plateful
Oh, Cherie, hear my stomach rumble
Tidbit after tidbit
On you, darling, I shall nibble
Oh honey,
Close your eyes now, beautiful
Be dutiful
Time to eat you

Vile, eh?
Demented, yeah?
Thatís animal welfare for ya.

Animal liberation Ė animals are not ours to use for food, clothing, entertainment, or experimentation.

Animal welfare Ė using animals is fine as long as ďhumaneĒ guidelines are sorta, kinda followed.

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