Animal Issues
By Doris E. Palumbo
An Animal Rights Poem from

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

Animal Issues
By Doris E. Palumbo

Most of you just aren't aware of what is happening 
Day and night and year to year - folks just don't know a thing. 
Here's a day, a month, a year as lived by little calves: 
Chained to stand and never sit; their feelings torn in halves. 
Often not allowed to drink; chained as not to move; 
How'd you feel if this were you? I'll bet you'd stomp your hooves!

Mother cows can see their babes and what they're going through; 
And listen; I'm not kidding; this is why they often moo 
And moo and chew at chain-link fence, o'er and o'er again - 
People never noticing their babies in the pen.

Same for pigs and chickens, and for angus beef as well 
All these precious animals are daily feeling hell. 
Mankind doesn't give a damn and says, "these guys don't feel"! 
Men and women; guilty all, enjoying such a deal. 
Enjoying such a meal. Yes; animals don't feel!!!

Another scene before my eyes - you sure you wanna read? 
Slaughterhouses coast to coast are such an evil deed! 
Precious cows so warm and kind, are hit upon the head, 
Many never passing out, and filled with awful dread; 
Hoisted upside-down by hoof and carried down a line 
During which they're skinned alive - and all for dear mankind!

Precious ones with big brown eyes and hearts so full of pain 
Made to suffer oh so long, and all for money's gain. 
Made to suffer horribly - but you just turn away 
Saying, "they're just animals", and, "it's for just a day". 
No, it's not; they're often shoved in stalls for months on end 
Kicked and pushed and broken down and tortured by some men. 
Often hips are broken as they push them onto trucks \ 
Then are dragged cause they can't walk - and who will give a shucks?

I've seen precious cows in yards who laid like that for days 
Mooing, ever crying, pleading out within a haze. 
No one ever answering; just another prod, 
How her pain is torment; but to you, she's just a clod! 
How her pain is useless! Oh, she moos and cries to God! 
God, come help me! Make them see that I've some feelings, too! 
God, Creator, make them see, for I can only moo. 
Lord of Heaven, take me, please, for I have awful pain - 
Take me now, before they come and pull me with a chain! 
God came down, and one by one the chains were cast aside 
And mankind saw the animals all standing by His side. 
"Never hurt another one" He says, "and no more pens 
So small that they can't even move; and even for My hens". 
And everyone was made to look, and learn to have respect 
For all His precious creatures; those that moo, or oink, or peck!

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