Animals Are Godís Creatures
By Alyson Luukkonen
An Animal Rights Poem from

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

Animals Are Godís Creatures
By Alyson Luukkonen

Animals are Godís Creatures 
Not ours to take 
But why does man often decide their fate

Long before man 
The animals roamed 
Were no boundaries decided their homes

Then God created man 
And brought them to earth 
To share the land with his creatures he birthed

But man wanted more 
They did not want to share 
They rounded up all the animals 
And called them theirs

From that day forward 
Man planted a seed 
That grew into a tall seed of greed

They made the animals their slaves 
They grew them for meat 
Man then thought what a fine treat

But some became pets 
A manís companion a best friend 
A friend who fought for them until the end

And so time went on 
Many more men where born 
And for the animals they were torn

They got left without homes 
Left without a friend 
No one by their sides until the end

Instead some sit in shelters waiting for a home or to die 
While others live on a factory farms caged in without ever seeing the sunlight 
Only to find out they are being sold for meat 
So man can eat a disgusting treat

And the lucky animals 
They have a home 
Where someone calls them their own 
And others have been rescued from becoming meat 
Where they live on sanctuaries

But yet even good men 
Call animals their property 
They are called pets to you and me 
Because animals now have to depend on man for a home 
Where before man they managed just fine on their own

And as time goes on I hope man can see 
That Animalís are Godís Creatures 
They are not ours to take 
Let us love respect and honor them as our fellow mates!

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