Animals in 2050
By Malini Patel
An Animal Rights Poem from

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

Animals in 2050
By Malini Patel

There once was a place called Salem 
Where girls lived deep in fear 
Of being accused of witches brews 
Then knowing death was near.

Another time in Georgia 
When black men had no rights 
They were beaten and degraded 
With so many sleepless nights.

And most recently it's gay men 
Who have proudly proclaimed "it's time!" 
That love from man to man 
Be simply not a crime.

There was a place called Auschwitz 
Where Polish and Jews were gassed 
It's a very sad reminder 
Of how very cruel our past.

And can you believe that women 
Were not allowed to read? 
They could not vote or think freely 
They existed merely to please.

And now the time we live in 
It's just the same you see 
Animals are the slaves and women 
Longing to be free!

There is but just one difference 
For animals have no voice. 
They cannot band together 
They simply have no choice!

They must follow all our orders 
Die for many meals 
They give their lives for research 
And have no courts from which to appeal.

They are stuck inside the evil trap 
of peoples compassionless views. 
Animal lovers are their only hope 
Of spreading this vital news....

Animals do have feelings! 
They feel loneliness and pain! 
We must love and respect them! 
We'll all have much to gain!

So let us come together 
And fight for this huge cause 
For we are their last chance 
To change our current laws.

Let's not waste our time on hunters 
Or argue with the blind 
Let's focus on the children 
And educate their minds.

If we can teach compassion 
as Liz C. Stanton did long ago 
Then animals can have a future 
And a culture of compassion can grow.

And so my friends, I leave you 
With just one thought in mind 
The suffering of the animals 
Is caused by humankind.

Humans have a past of cruelty 
As the slaves and women knew 
But with time and education 
Civility slowly grew.

And so I pray to heaven 
That 50 years from now 
Animal suffering will be nonexistent 
And people will look back and think HOW?

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