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Ant Bananas - Size Doesn't Matter

In a jungle deep and wild,
An ant so tiny, yet so styled,
Spotted an elephant, big and grand,
But danger was close at hand.

A mouse so mean and so sly,
Was making the elephant cry,
The ant didn't know what to do,
To save the elephant, oh boo-hoo.

But then he saw a banana peel,
And had an idea so surreal,
He dashed and darted with such glee,
To grab more fruit, oh so quickly.

He placed a banana in the mouse's way,
Hoping to save the day,
The mouse was charmed by the fruit,
And forgot his evil plan to execute.

The elephant was now safe and sound,
Thanks to the ant's quick thinking found,
The elephant was grateful and amazed,
At the ant who had saved his days.

Size doesn't matter, this is true,
The ant's bravery shone through,
And so this tale we now can tell,
Of an ant who saved an elephant so well.

With a banana, he did his part,
And saved a life with all his heart,
So let's give a cheer, hip-hip-hooray,
For the ant who saved the day!

ant and banana

Tim Gorski 2023


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