The Animal's Voice
By Janet Riddle
An Animal Rights Poem from

The Animal's Voice
By Janet Riddle

The lasting sting of reality
more then you wanted to see
But you finally opened your sealed eyes
and saw through all the bloody lies

On your mind, it leaves its mark
with broken silences in the dark
The awful thoughts in your head
of the suffering and the dead

The wordless cries you can hear
and you feel their helpless fear
Not even one day can go by
without the shatter of a cry

You change your ways and your path
then cleaned your soul in compassion's bath
No longer part of humanities shame
and your new ways free of blame

Using your actions and your voice
mercy leads your every choice
You know there is much to be done
until the death count becomes none

Consciousness sent you down this trail
to defend the weak and the frail
Down this path you plant mercy's seed
and speak for those who are in need

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