A Pitbull's Life
By Ashley Faison
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

A Pitbull's Life
By Ashley Faison

When I was a puppy just 8 weeks old 
I was taken to my so called forever home. 
For the first few days I was loved 
until the dad came home 
he said dont soften him up 
well need him to fight.

I was thrown outside on a chain so scared and alone. 
In the rain outside I was so cold. 
All I was fed as scarce as food was,
I was feed gunpowder, raw meat and pitbull blood. 
I was beat and he made me feel sad 
Forced me to fight though it made me feel very bad.

His family gained profit when they took me to fights. 
So often I won despite all my fright. 
After the fight I was put back on the chain
and so softly I whispered so softly I prayed 
And one day all of a sudden 
all my training took into play

My owner took me off my chain 
and said chase down that man 
he owes me drug money 
and take and rip him up as he showed me his belt 
I knew it had to be done 
or Id be killed.

Now I'm said to be cruel because I fight, 
and because I bit him, 
but all I did was what my owner trained me to do 
now animal control's taking me to a place known as the pound

And there I meet a pretty women 
who took me inside and said to some guy 
"Well put him down tomorrow if not today" 
and after she stated as he took me to my cell 
"Dont look him in the eyes he has that pitbull gaze 
that says please I dont want to die"

In the cell, I was placed with the others on death row,
 and quietly I waited for my fate I already know. 
The next morning when I woke,
the vet said its time to go. 
He walked me through the everlasting hall. 
We walked into a room so peaceful and quit.

He put me on the table and then he started crying.
He said he was sorry he had to do this deadly deed, 
but he knows I'll have forever peace 
and may for once, I will be pleased. 
I licked his face to show I understand. 
He stuck the needle in the vain of my leg,
a burning shock, then death.

I wish while I was on this earth, 
I was given a chance to love someone wholl love me back. 
I killed for my owners ignorance.
I paid for his dreadful crime. 
But now while I'm in heaven 
Ill be happy in everyway and kind. 

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