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Let me arrive
in this world,
fleshy, scented.
dweller of
my own species.

Let me be
of my own kind,
uncontrived or defined
by human definition.

No repetition of brutal history
between us,
but with senses
rippling, afire.
Hoof, trotter, claw and more
on deep rich earth.
Air, water, slithered undergrowth.

Let the birth of the next generation
be governed
by us.

Collective anima,
Selfhood, soul.

Let me watch you,
as an emboldened creature.
And wonder – are you enemy or friend?

Let me arrive in this world
as my own true self,
belonging to no other.

Let me be. Let us all, be.
And - look to your own species. 

terrified Pig
Art © J.H. Dickinson

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