Heidi Coon

Animal Rights Poetry and Prose By Heidi Coon from All-Creatures.org

At Every Step of My Life, From Birth, I Have Suffered

At every step of my life, from birth, I have suffered.
I anguished mentally.
I agonized physically.
I have a high intelligence, but throughout my unlife I was never offered anything to occupy my mind. My barren prison cell was bereft of enrichment.
I was bored, and went out of my mind... I chewed on the cold metal bars that were encrusted with feces clinging to the steel like barnacles.
I paced.
Sometimes I would grow so frustrated I would snap...biting at my cellmate.
Strangely, Now that Iíve Ďreached the proper weightí to be sent to a murderhouse , I miss my tiny prison cell.
This transport is hell.
Iím severely dehydrated and frothing. The weather has been harsh, itís been a couple days now, each of us crammed in here. With each bump in the road, each deceleration or acceleration, the motion thrusts us together.
I have been stepped on, shit on, puked on, and bit.
We are all terrified.
We are all stressed out, hungry and shaking with fear.
.....I canít but wonder what awaits me at the end of this journey.......

©Heidi Coon, 2022

pig transport truck

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