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Bats Are Cool

In twilight's realm, they soar on high,
Bats, unsung heroes of the sky,
With wings so tiny, hearts so grand,
They weave magic across the land.

In shadows deep, they find their prey,
Those pests can't hide, they're swift, they'll say,
Moths, mosquitoes, no bug's immune,
Bats swoop and dine beneath the moon.

Yet myths abound, let's set things right,
They're not blind flyers in the night,
Their vision keen, it's far from dim,
They see just fine, no need to skim.

And did you know, these wondrous beings,
Are pollination's best for flowers' feelings?
From blossoms bright to fruit-filled trees,
They spread life on every breeze.

They're not bloodsuckers, beware the tales,
No vampire bats with dark night veils,
They mostly feast on fruits and bugs,
A balanced diet, no deadly hugs.

Oh, how they hang, a sight to see,
Upside down, so comfortably,
It's not a strain, just how they rest,
With strong limbs, they are truly blessed.

To roost with ease, they grip with might,
Their talons strong, no need for flight,
It saves energy, they're smart that way,
For nocturnal life, it's the perfect display.

But White-nose creeps, a wicked foe,
Stealing sleep, a dreadful blow,
But united we stand, strong and bold,
To save the bats from this harsh cold.

With biosecurity, we'll defend,
And help our furry friends on the mend,
With bat boxes and open hearts,
We'll guard them in our roosting arts.

No toxic sprays or harmful brews,
Just bats and bugs, a dance, they choose,
Let's cherish their essential roles,
And keep them safe, protect their souls.

So rise, dear friends, be brave and bright,
For bats are worth a noble fight,
With campy fun, our voices chime,
Let's stand with bats, in rhythm and rhyme!

From caves and trees, to urban space,
Bats roam the world, in every place,
From tiny bumblebee bats, so small,
To flying foxes, kings of all.

Let's debunk myths, with truth in hand,
For these winged wonders, let's take a stand,
Together, we'll thrive, side by side,
With bats as guides, let's take this stride!

Spread the word, from shore to shore,
Sing the bat's song, let's all adore,
And celebrate their unique traits,
With campy cheer, we'll set things straight!

So let us raise our voices high,
In praise of bats, let our hearts fly,
With campy cheer, and reverence, true,
Protecting bats is what we'll do!

adorable Bat

Bats at night

Tim Gorski 2023


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