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Beat of your heart

Once I gazed helplessly
at the stars in the sky,
at the endless rolling sea,
and asked why?
I was seeking you,
without having a name to call,
I was longing for you,
willing to leap, or even to crawl.
By some magic, my wish was granted,
and here I am, wrapped up in your arms.
Nothing else has ever left me so enchanted,
not any beauty, not any spell, not any charms.
I no longer gaze at the stars,
I no longer long for anything,
all I want is exactly where we are,
your embrace makes my spirit sing.
I find my paradise
in the steady beat of your heart,
I want to listen to it for the rest of my life,
itís a sound Iíve ached for from the start.
With our hands intertwined,
the universe before us is wide and free,
it is anything that we can find,
it is anything that we wish for it to be.
Decades may pass us right by,
as we dance to the beat of our shared heart,
as we forget about the stars in the sky,
and what it ever felt like when we were apart.
No matter how rough the sea,
no matter how high the waves,
you and I will float endlessly,
through anything our path paves.
I will never drift away,
as long as I am holding on to you,
and come what may,
my fears will always be few.
I wonít find answers by staring at the stars,
all of my dreams Iíve found in your heartbeat,
it sets me free of all obstacles, of all bars,
and leaves with me no fear of defeat.
We are two flowers on the sea,
riding on the waves, letting go of what will be,
as long as it is you and me,
we will ride these waves eternally.


© Shenita Etwaroo

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