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Beloved Bull

Sweat flanked
Wracked and ruined

I dream of better days for you

Arena of lies
Hegemonic male
Distorted humanity
At its worst


Dragged out
A creature
Enduring torture
In human-centric sphere

Beloved bull
Without fury
In need of freedom to be

I see you, beloved one, and dream of better days 

bull sketch

'Beloved Bull' was in response to watching footage of a bull going into a bullfighting arena in Spain. The bull was unexpectedly calm, much to the disgruntlement of the crowd. He simply stared at them...as if waiting to be shown where to go...and just what to do? And in that moment...as he gazed at them in confusion...and perhaps curiosity, I was horrified and so struck by our cruelty and ignorance.

2023 J.H. Dickinson

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