Bicycle Built for Two
Poetry by Diana Moreton
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Bicycle Built for Two
Poetry by Diana Moreton

Kind, humble, gentle
You, the dog
Feel great comfort
warm, embered log

An Innocent, I turn to glance
my spirit leaps, my soul does dance
envision such a lovely creature;
a dog

Dolphin demeanor, petty whims
a dog does delicately write these hymns
I sing of beloved heavenly beast
To gaze at you, thou art a feast!

He senses wonder of peace-filled room
can't imagine Korean doom
this is what their life is like
Hermit Kingdom filled with gloom

1998 By C. Sparkie
This poem has been reprinted with the permission of the author with the understanding that it is dedicated to the millions of dogs, cats, and wildlife in South Korea and other Asian countries who are brutally tortured and killed for human consumption. Their cries have reached us.  For more information and to find out what you can do to stop the carnage.

What you can do:
Please send donations or contact the only Korean organisation that seems to be on the animals' side. The Korean Animal Protection Society (KAPS) and its international arm, the International Aid for Korean Animals (IAKA).
Ms Kyenan Kum: email: [email protected]
P.O Box 20600
Oakland, CA 94620-0600
USA Tel: 1-510-271-6795 Fax: 1-510-451-0643

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