Big Earl and Me
By Richard Hoyle
An Animal Rights Poem from

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

Big Earl and Me
By Richard Hoyle

Founder, Mini-Pigs Sanctuary 
Written on the passing of Big Earl, March 17, 2004 

When the trailer pulled up and they dropped the gate
I knew his arrival was more than fate
One look in his eyes and I could plainly tell
His life with us would go very well
A special bond there soon would be
Between this pig, Big Earl, and me

He came as a companion for the big pig, Babe
But she don't care for this big white knave
She chases him and runs him ragged
And bites his butt 'till his nerves are jagged
He's a gentle old man as all can see
We're the best of friends, Big Earl and me

He's long and tall and very sweet
He's a lot of things, but not petite
He's as laid back as a pig can be
Like me he's clumsy as can be
Can't neither of us climb a tree
We're two of a kind, Big Earl and me

He helps me with my chores each day
Most of the time he's in my way
I'd chase him off but I'd rather he stay
While across my tools he likes to lay
He helps me work till time to feed
We're quite a team, Big Earl and me

Some days when the weather is warm and hazy
Earl and I get kinda lazy
We find a tree that's big and shady
We lay down together in its lee
And take a snooze, Big Earl and me

He lays his head upon my lap
And both of us take a little nap
We talk and talk 'bout this and that
I look forward to our daily chat
He's a pretty smart pig I've come to see
We have a good time, Big Earl and me

We talk at length of all his kin
Butchered by men on just a whim
To see his brothers upon a plate
You'd think would give him cause to hate
But pigs can't hate, I've come to see
We've learned a lot, Big Earl and me

There's a lot we just don't understand
Why man must kill to feel so grand
And always have the upper hand
He's taught me lots 'bout humility
And different ways I've come to see
Thanks to the love 'tween Earl and me

When our race is run and we meet out fate
We'll both show up at the Pearly Gate
I'll bet Saint Peter will make us wait
While he asks the Lord to look and see
If there are two heavenly spaces free
One for Big Earl and one for me

And if the answer is "Y'all come on in"
We'll both enter heaven free from sin
We'll nose around for a while to see
If we can find a celestial tree
We'll kick back all trouble free
And enjoy Heaven together...Big Earl and me

But if the word comes down "No pigs in here"
We'll tell Saint Peter "Stick it in your ear"
We'll pack our gear and keep on lookin'
Till we find a place where pigs are rootin'
It won't be heaven, don't you see
Unless there's room for Big Earl and me

I could pen many verses longer and cuter
But Earl's lost interest and gone off with Scooter
To do pig things far more entertaining
And left me here with rhymes waning
So I'll leave you now and go and see
If I can make it three...Scooter, Big Earl and me

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