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I feel small
I beg for ‘blue’
Praying for that word to be announced, pronounced as
I grip the bedclothes
Eyes scanning social media
The clock ticking
Counting down
Breath held
Heart aching

I am with them, bodies sensitive, minds afire with emotion,
Ocean rushing
Racing away, against the banger boats
The presence,
The fishermen
I do not

I turn from them
I pray only for blue

And the Guardians report reality
While I lie in a warm bed
Frozen solid
And squeeze my eyelids, as my head burns
And pain ripples across my temples

I need a miracle
Let me cast open the sky,
Throw down a net of safety and scoop
Bottlenose, risso, white sided, pan tropical…
And all

Make it stop
Take them away
To a safe and peaceful place
Silent, the sound no longer driving them into a red future
Of spikes and tarpaulins
Of dolphin captivity and showmanship

Please, let me have blue tonight, tomorrow and the
Endless days to follow…
Let it always be blue.

Art © J.H. Dickinson

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