Poetry by Diana Moreton
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Poetry by Diana Moreton

Bombarded with images
I can not stand
in the dark country side
of Korean land

Home of barbarian
in all they do
grab you from cages
make favorite stew

Look at you
with great disdain
in soft, early morning
drizzle and rain

Eyes slanted sharp
blood drips down
cold kitchen drains
cut and pound

1998 By C. Sparkie
This poem has been reprinted with the permission of the author with the understanding that it is dedicated to the millions of dogs, cats, and wildlife in South Korea and other Asian countries who are brutally tortured and killed for human consumption. Their cries have reached us.  For more information and to find out what you can do to stop the carnage.

What you can do:
Please send donations or contact the only Korean organisation that seems to be on the animals' side. The Korean Animal Protection Society (KAPS) and its international arm, the International Aid for Korean Animals (IAKA).
Ms Kyenan Kum: email: [email protected]
P.O Box 20600
Oakland, CA 94620-0600
USA Tel: 1-510-271-6795 Fax: 1-510-451-0643

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