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The bond between us

Small one
I see the bond between us
Of green-eyed mystery
Of paws, claws that prod and pummel
Pussycat morns

Of mewls and meows
Deep long stares
Reverberating purrs
And trust

I share this space with you
Small one
And it makes me
All the better for it

I share this world with all species
And see wonderment in brown eyes of herd
In call of pheasant
And flash of red fox tail

In midnight owl
And deer appearing
My heart thumping as it turns
From roads of danger

The bond exists between us all
Lost in moments of
Human centric violence
Sorrowful heart

But also, of human kindness
Filled with potential
I see a beginning, always
Even in darkest moments


Rufus with J.H. Dickinson's husband
Rufus just being with J.H.Dickinson's husband...

2022 J.H. Dickinson

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