Brandenburg's Wolves
Poetry by Diana Moreton
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Brandenburg's Wolves
Poetry by Diana Moreton

Brandenburg's wolves hung persecuted on wall
obese black man in wheelchair in red shirt
in front of red fire alarm, which did go off
I brought mother to a dead end to give blood

Coughing into a white handkerchief with no
we cause them to suffer, now we suffer in
we ate them as they went down in terror and
yellow and red condiments enhance our

This whole blood thing about life and death
them dying. Us dying because we ate them
Nurse Ratchet works the desk in numbness
warning us if we leave, we lose our turn

Is this trip closer to purgatory or have we
bacterium from cows and pigs you really ate
several days before blood and diarrhea
I hope the results come back to expose you
Red is the color of pain, life and bladed
color me red when loud noises I least expect
color me red with fear, terror and suffering
species' continually commingle to coagulate

2000 By Diana Morton

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