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Breakfast Thief

In the forest, in the trees,
Lives a bird that's sure to tease.
A Kookaburra with a plan,
To heckle campers, if he can.
While they sleep, he starts to caw,
Disturbing dreams with his loud guffaw.
And in the morning, when they rise,
Their breakfast oats are gone, surprise!
For the Kookaburra, he's no friend,
He'll snatch your food, and he won't pretend.
Laughing loud, his Kookaburra laugh,
Leaves the campers feeling half and half.
So if you're camping in the woods,
And hear a laugh that sounds too good,
Beware the Kookaburra's game,
Or else your breakfast won't be the same!

For my dear friend Criseyde . Thank you for introducing me to the Australian outback.


Tim Gorski 2023


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